The Da Vinci Quest


  • - Played: Outdoors
  • - Game Time: 90 Minutes
  • - Start: Escape Stories

The order’s grand master, Henric de la Sauveur, has been murdered!

For centuries the order has had one sole purpose: guarding and safe keeping an enormous treasure which has been used to right wrongs and create prosperity around the world. They have constantly been pursued by a sect whose goal is to destroy the order and take control over the treasure. With the identity of the grand master revealed it seems they are closer to achieving it than ever before.

For safety reasons only the grand master knows the location of the treasure, but in the event of death there is a backup plan. All information regarding the treasure is stored on a flash-drive which is sealed inside a cryptex with a six letter codeword. The letters are encoded and spread over Stockholm, the only thing to work with in order to find them is a bottle with a cryptic note inside.

As member of this ancient order it’s your task to find the codeword and open the cryptex, but time is short! The sect who murdered the grand master are now putting all their efforts into obtaining the flash-drive. Do you know who to trust, and who will be first to open the cryptex?

The Da Vinci Quest is our first outdoors game! Constructed in the same way as our popular Escape Rooms it demands teamwork, communication and logical thinking. But instead of searching a room you have all of Stockholm to work with! Welcome to Escape Stories!

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