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The last few weeks buildings in major cities around the world have been demolished. The day before each attack, large aluminum boxes have been sent to the security service of the country. According to the maniac responsible, the next catastrophe will take place in Stockholm unless your teams of special agents can prevent it. The boxes are rigged with explosives, and a clock starts counting down from 60 minutes. Do you have what it takes to defuse the bombs in time and save Stockholm?

Book your next team building event by contacting us using the form below. The Escape Box is played in teams of 4-6 people, up to 100 people can play simultaneously!


Game Master will arrive to you 15 minutes prior to game start. We are quick to get in and out. All we need from you is a room big enough for all participants, tables and chairs.


The mission starts when the teams on a given signal simultaneously open their boxes. Now a race against the clock starts, and of course against the other teams! Only one team can win!


To succeed with the mission you need teamwork and communication. Think outside the box and keep your cool. Do you have what it takes?

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Teambuilding 2.0

Prices (VAT excluded):
10-20 people – 400:-/person
20-50 people – 350:-/person
50+ people – 300:-/person
9,5/10 customers recommend this!

The Escape Box is constructed after the same principles as our popular rooms: a storydriven adventure where communication and teamwork are essential for success. The game is built specifically for team building, and the tasks demand many different qualities. Teams with mixed skills and personalities often do better! If you choose to book The Escape Box, we will come to your offices. If you'd rather have your teambuilding event at our premises we recommend either booking our popular Escape Rooms, or trying our brand new outdoor game - The Da Vinci Quest!

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