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NOTE! Our premises are manned only during booked games

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Telefon: 08 - 121 555 60
Vasagatan 27
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Escape Stories is the result of the year-long world trip of three friends searching for new ideas. Escape Room became the most stand-out experience of the trip and the plan was to really raise the bar for story, props and puzzles in the Escape Room scene. In August of 2015 they opened the doors at 27 Vasagatan in Stockholm! In 2015 Escape Rooms was a concept completely unheard of in Sweden.

Two things have been extra important to Escape Stories since the beginning, the first being the stories themselves. We have three different games, three different scenarios. In each game, every puzzle has a purpose and really feels like they are part of the whole. This is important for us in order to break the barrier between what’s real and what’s fiction. We want a visit to Escape Stories to not feel like a game you play, but like a very real mission. The stories are so important to us, the company is named after them!

Our other focus has always been our staff. Our goal is to offer not only the best staff amongst the Stockholm Escape Rooms, but also to offer the best service. Below you can acquaint yourself more with our amazing co-workers, whose job it is to raise your experience with us into something truly extraordinary. We receive many positive reviews and emails from our guests praising our staff and their dedication to the experience of our guests. It’s incredibly important to us and makes us very proud and happy!

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Amazing rooms is just one piece of the puzzle. Apart from great service, the ability to get into character and have that perfect

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Escape Stories

VASAGATAN 27 Stockholm

  • 08 - 121 555 60
  • info@escapestories.com
  • Monday - Friday: 12:00 - 22:00
  • Saturday - Sunday: 09:00 - 22:00
Our premises are manned only during booked games


We have three different rooms of similar difficulty level but with different stories. If you're choosing between these we advice you to have a look at the trailers and pick the one you find most exciting! During the warmer 6 months of the year we also offer an outdoors game - The Da Vinci Quest! It contains the same type of puzzles as our rooms, but the game takes place outdoors in central Stockholm! For companies we also offer a portable game - The Escape Box!
The rooms are neither tiny nor big, and beyond that we cant give much away without ruining the mystery! Claustrophobic people have been playing Escape Stories without any problems, and our Game Masters are always ready to intervene in case any problems arise!
No previous knowledge or skills are required. We are not going to lie: the games are challenging. But teamwork, communication and a sharp mind are powerful tools which might help you complete your mission in time!
Our rooms are designed for 2-6 players and we have 3 rooms. So max 6 people per room and max 18 people at a time total. Our outdoors game and portable game have considerably higher capacity. We still recommend teams of max 6 people each, but up to 60 people can play simultaneously.
The rooms are built for teams of 6 players max, and we advice against having a team bigger than that since it might have a negative impact on the game play. However if you still want to play with 7 we will do our best to make arrangements, just contact us via phone or email.
We do not. Our games are built for adults and therefore we recommend an adult is also participating if children under 15 years old are playing. This is simply because some of the puzzles may prove a little too challenging for kids to solve on their own. That said, families with children are often among our top performers simply because the team has a lot of different qualities, curiosity is important in our games!
Absolutely, our escape rooms are designed with this in mind above anything else. During the game, the team playing needs to assign their own roles & responsibilities in a fun way while indirectly practicing both individual & team thinking. Teamwork, cooperation and communication are keys to solving the game before the time runs out.
No worries! We often have large groups visiting and we have multiple alternatives. We recommend of course playing our outoors game or portable game where everyone can play simultaneously, but if you'd rather try out the rooms there are solutions there too. Simply contact us and we'll help you out! Fill out the form above or email us at info@escapestories.com or call us on 08 - 121 555 60.
As a company you are welcome to pay by invoice! It will be sent after your activity. Note that VAT is added to the price.
Our prices vary between SEK 350-390 per person, depending on time and weekday. Minimum price per team is SEK 850 (2p). Saturdays the minimum price is SEK 1 170 for 2-3 people.
For payment by invoice, sent after the game, VAT is added.
You book right here on the website. If you have any questions or need help with anything, contact us and we will be more than happy to help. After the booking, you will receive a confirmation email and then we will see you on the day of your game!
We are grateful to receive cancellations as long in advance as possible. Cancellations are free up until 48 hours before the game starts if you have booked for one team, two weeks if you have boooked for two teams or more. See your confirmation for details. If you wish to cancel, please give us a call on 08-121 555 60, or email us at info@escapestories.com. If we manage to rebook your cancelled room you recieve a full refund!
Of course! Just klick on Gift Cards on the top of your screen and buy one conveniently online. You can also visit our premises to buy one.
You are most welcome to come by! But we do recommend that you give us a call first as we often are nearly or fully booked.
We are open Monday to Friday, 12:00 until 22:00, and Saturday and Sundays from 9.00 until 22:00. The last bookable games is 21:00. Please note that we are only open when games are booked. If you wish to drop in - please send us an email or give us a call beforehand.
You should arrive a couple of minutes before your booked time. The game time for our rooms are 60 minutes, you should count 80 for the whole experience. Our outdoors game has a game time of 90 minutes, you should count on 120 minutes total.
Right in the heart of Stockholm City on Vasagatan 27. We have a huge sign outside so you can not miss us. Nearest subway is either Hötorget or T-Centralen, and there are plenty of bars and restaurants around to spend time at before or after your visit.
We do not allow any dogs or other pets in our games because of risk of allergies, in our outdoors game they are of course most welcome!

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