Outdoors Da Vinci Quest

  • - Played: Outdoors
  • - Game Time: 90 Minutes
  • - Language: English
  • - Recommended team size: 2-6 people
  • - Price: SEK 390 per person
  • - Played: All year! Open timeslots May through September.
    To book other timeslots, please contact us.
    Minimum charge for bookings other dates and timeslots is for 10 people.

The order’s grand master, Henric de la Sauveur, has been murdered!

Your order has for centuries successfully been guarding an enormous treasure, but now it’s in danger! The sect who has been in constant pursuit has managed to expose the identity of the grand master, and their goal to take control of the treasure and destroy the order is now within reach.

All information regarding the treasure is stored on a flash-drive which is sealed within a cryptex, locked with a password. You are now our only hope. The letters to the password are encoded and spread over Stockholm, and time is short. A race against the agents of the sect awaits, who will be the first to open the cryptex?

The Da Vinci Quest is our popular outdoors game! Constructed in the same way as our popular Escape Rooms it demands teamwork, communication and logical thinking. But instead of searching a room you have all of Old Town to work with! The game material is in English, and we recommended an adult is included in every team where children under 15 are participating. You have 90 minutes to complete the mission, but the total time of the event is 2 hours. The game starts and ends in Old Town
Bookable times are Thursdays & Fridays 18:00, Saturdays 12:00 & 15:00 as well as Sundays 12:00. Larger groups are of course welcome to get in touch for special game times other days as well.
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