The Cover Up


  • Our three rooms have the same difficulty level and are all available in english.
  • Recommended number of players: 2-6 people.

During the Christmas holiday the Cover Up turns into a detective adventure for children/families!

A notrorious bankrobber has escaped from prison. Now we need a group of clever detectives to solve the case and find him!
Applies December 26 - January 6

Stockholm, 1986. The Prime Minister has been shot.

During the short hours that have passed since the impossible happened the entire nation has been in a state of shock. Swedish criminal history will never be the same. Due to fast-paced police work a suspect was quickly apprehended and brought to the Stockholm Police House, all the while loudly laughing and calling out threats. No one took him seriously – until shortly after his incarceration he disappeared from his cell without a single trace. His threats in combination with the disappearance is enough for the police to now suspect a concealed bomb somewhere in the city.

The Police have summoned their top agents in a special investigations squad: You. Your mission is to, if the threat is real, locate the bomb and disarm it. You will be working closely together with the guard on duty who patrolled the man’s cell, and who was the first to discover the escape.

The suspect threatened with a catastrophe within 24 hours, now only one hour remain before the time is up. Sweden is waiting as tensions are high and panic is rising. Find clues to the bomb’s location by searching the suspect’s cell. But, it looks completely empty. Or is it?


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