Top 5 activities to do in Stockholm

Top 5 activities to do in Stockholm

Top 5 Activities To Do in Stockholm

There are few things in this world that have no downside. Everything has pros and cons. If you are Stockholm tourists, you really need to know this vital information. Are all the classics really as good as they say? Check out our guide, for the full lowdown!

Vasa Museum

1. The Vasa Museum

The most popular tourist attraction in Stockholm, by far. During the summer eople queue up for ages to get in, and it’s easy to understand why. The 17th century ship that spent 333 years on the bottom on the Stockholm inlet to the Baltic sea is a world famous example of old time marine technology and a symbol for Sweden’s time as a Great Power.


Really old boat.

Lots of details.


The symbolism of the ship is a constant reminder that Sweden is no longer a Great Power, which is a bummer.

Really sad that it sank and all.

You can’t touch the boat, they’re super strict about that.

It’s not really a pulse pounding event to just read about all the excitement. You want to experience something exciting. Not for too long, though, an hour would probably be enough.


2. Skansen

Skansen is an outdoor museum and animal zoo, with approximately 140 buildings from different eras of Swedish history, the oldest being from the 14th century. The animals are mostly Swedish wildlife, like bears, moose and wild boars, or Swedish landraces like the Gute sheep or Scania goose.


Cute animals.

Tons of history.


Geese are scary.

The houses were built when humans were shorter, so you bump your head a lot.

The animals hide. It would be fun if you were allowed to look for them yourself and search their enclosures, maybe move stuff around in a clue-searching fashion, but they stop you if you try to do that.


3. The Royal Armoury

The Royal Armoury, or “Livrustkammaren”, is Sweden’s oldest museum. Originally it was the actual armoury of Swedish kings, but in 1628 Gustaf II Adolf decided to show his bloodstained costumes to the public, to brag about how often he had survived gunfire.


Many gorgeous outfits.

The outfits are shown in their historical state, bullet holes and all.

This includes the clothes of Gustaf III, from when he was shot at the opera.


It’s... a bit braggy, you know? Like: “How many rains of bullets did you live through?” You don’t need that kind of pressure.

Nobody is interested in your theories on what happened when anybody historical got shot. Everybody thinks they know better than you because they “work at the Royal Armoury” and “keeps up-to-date on modern research” and stuff. Not being allowed to speculate is super unfair, especially since it would be so much more fun to gather a group of 2-6 friends and do just that.


4. The Archipelago

The Stockholm archipelago is truly unique. With over 24 000 islands and isles it is a popular destination for both Swedish and international tourism. Movie makers, authours, artists and photographers have all created works inspired by the archipelago, so it is clear that it is something truly special.


Like, really, really bonkers beautiful.


A little too big. That amount of islands is kind of excessive. It would be nicer to have like, one room or something, that you could investigate at your own pace and have it surprise you. Perhaps as part of a team-building event.

Escape Stories

5. Escape Stories

But what if you feel like you don’t really want to look at an old boat, or old houses, or old clothes, or old islands, then what can you do as an activity in Stockholm? Well, the answers is obvious: You could visit us at Escape Stories! Combine everything that’s missing from other popular tourist attractions! With us you can enter a room, find clues to a story and solve mysteries together in an exciting environment! Our escape rooms exist nowhere else in the world than Vasagatan 27 and our stories have been inspired by the history of Stockholm to build a truly unique experience.


High ceiling.

No scary geese.

Just the right size.

You get to look at stuff on your own.

No reminder of the lost glory days of Sweden to bring everyone down.

Your awesome theories are encouraged.


No boat.

No animals at all.

But like we said, no place is perfect. Escape Stories just comes darn close! Book with us today.

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